I’ve just come back from one of the most amazing hotel’s I’ve ever stayed in. Park Hyatt Hotel is a Luxury 5 star resort, East of the Island. Nature surrounds the resort and the views are incredibly breathtaking, it’s a perfect place to relax with your loved ones in the sun.

The hotel rooms are very spacious and open plan, with a wardrobe room, two huge mirrors (this is important for me because I have lots of clothes haha), two sinks, an overhead shower and a deep bath tub. The underfloor heating in the bathroom is dreamy and the bathroom mirror even has a TV… The bed was queen size and very comfy, it was incredible to wake up, step out of bed, stroll over to the door and enjoy the stunning views from the balcony where Me and the girls had breakfast and coffee in the sun, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my morning.

The Serenitas Spa is located close to the reception area and is the ultimate place to unwind, physically and mentally. I had a full body massage and it was to die for. With beautifully infused welcome tea’s and heated massage beds, honestly it was like heaven. The relaxation room is open for you to stay in there for as long as desired after the massage, they bring you a cup of personalised tea, which you choose when you arrive. I had the positive mind tea to help me reset and take in everything.

The hotel has 4 restaurants, a pool bar and of course room service.

Vero is a fine dining restaurant with two tasting menus 11 and 15 courses, the chef basis the recipes on the balearic islands.

Balearic is more casual dining and is where we had breakfast and lunch, they are very accommodating to food allergies, as you may know if you’ve been following me a while I am gluten and dairy free and it was no problem, they had gluten free bread and when I had the salads for lunch I was able to add / take out ingredients to tailor to my requirements. They had Almond and Soya milk for tea and coffee too.

Asia is one I didn’t manage to go to but we heard great things about the restaurant when we were at the hotel

The Tapas Bar has an outdoor seating area which is lovely to watch the sun go down as you enjoy the tapas with a glass of sangria. The restaurant has live music on Mondays too.

A short drive from the hotel is small town, full of restaurants and shops if you do want to enjoy a day out, the beach is a 5 minute shuttle from the hotel too making Park Hyatt a go to hotel for a relaxed holiday.

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